New Order

NEW ORDER “Do Not Buy” List (July 2017)

Compiled by the NEW ORDER Research Team

A devilish aspect of the Old Order’s effort to drive the White race to extinction is the way that it forces and manipulate Whites into financing their own extinction. While we cannot avoid paying taxes to our overlords, we can refuse to buy products and services of companies that attack, subvert, and insult the values, the interests and the welfare of our Race.

While the current Commu-Capitalist system dominates our society every step that we take to distance ourselves from it brings us closer to that of a New Order. To that end as a public service the NEW ORDER establishes a Top Ten Do Not Buy list. 

This list simply identifies business’ that are the most egregious violators of decency from a National Socialist perspective. Reasons for being placed on the list include but are not limited to racially destructive advertising, anti-Aryan philanthropic initiatives, purchasing set-asides and “diversity” hiring practices aimed at disqualifying qualified Aryan candidates.

We fully expect companies to “take pride in being on the list.” We know that the larger the company the more likely it is that honest people in their Human Resources, Marketing, Purchasing, and other departments see the company practices for what they are – ANTI- ARYAN.  To these honest employees we wish no ill will and know you are with us as you are as tired as anyone of your employer ramming “diversity” down your throat. Thanks for the current support from employees of companies on the list and for those of you that consider supporting us in the future.

The NEW ORDER Do Not Buy list could include hundreds if not thousands of companies. However keeping it at ten is practical for each of us to abide by and memorable to spread the word to family, friends and colleagues.  Not on the list are media conglomerates, educational outlets, law firms and certain religious institutions. National Socialists have already turned them off and stopped supporting these long ago.

Know that your NEW ORDER staff will continually review the list to be sure that if the company is on it they deserve to be. Should any company wish to know why they are on the list or, better yet, how they can be taken off the list we will be more than pleased to provide them a detailed answer.

The top ten Do Not Buy list will be updated periodically based on your input and our research. When a worse offender than one of the ten on the list is identified we will drop one and add the new company.


From this day forward National Socialists worldwide DO not buy any products or services from the following companies, their subsidiaries and their suppliers.


       Company(s) / Brands / Type of Business

  1. Starbucks / Starbucks Corporation / Coffee products, coffee house, Seattle’s Best coffee
  2. Heineken / Heineken International / Beer
  3. JP Morgan Chase / Chase Bank / Financial services
  4. The Priceline Group / / Travel fare aggregator
  5. USAA / Financial services and insurance
  6. The Jones Financial Companies / Edward Jones / Individual and small business financial services
  7. General Mills / many cereals and food products including Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Tortino’s, Chex Mix and Betty Crocker / Consumer foods
  8. Bertolli / Olive oil and ready meals / Italian food brand
  9. Tylenol / Johnson & Johnson / Medicine
  10. Belvita /Mondelēz / Kraft Foods / Consumer foods

Send your comments and suggestions to:

Attn: Do Not Buy List
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227

Starbucks has pledged to hire 10,000 (!) invaders (“refugees”) from the Middle East and Africa. They want White customers – just not White employees.

“Open Borders” means extinction for White nationalities – and, ultimately, for all Whites worldwide.

Building a better world for future aryan generations