Four High Cultures
The Zeppelin Tribune, Nuremberg, during the Great Days.

The Arabian (or Semitic) culture, denoted by as “Magian.” It its symbol is the cave. It is inward-looking. Architecturally, it is rep-
resented by the mosque or synagogue
The Classical or “Apollonian” culture. Its symbol is the Greek temple, standing under the bright Mediterranean sun. Its soul is characterized by proportional perfection.
The Western or “Faustian” culture. Symbolized by the Gothic cathedral, with its spires stretching upward and its vaulted ceilings. The Western  soul is characterized by endless striving, a yearning for infinity.

                    Per Martin Kerr:

The coming Aryan super-culture arising after the final demise of the West, denoted as “Promethean.” Its symbol is the Führer speaking to the Faithful in the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, representing the organic unity of the Folk. The Promethean soul is characterized by the willingness of the individual to sacrifice himself for the good of the racial community.
Per Oswald Spengler