We are a National Socialist organization that is a revolutionary idea, a spiritual faith and a great historical Movement


The NEW ORDER is the dynamic embodiment of the Movement of Adolf Hitler in North America. It is a vanguard organization with a spiritual dimension, a party of light in the truest sense. It represents a continuation of the struggle for a new world which began in 1919. It bears the special legacy of a special mission bequeathed to future generations by the Leader himself.

With the personal martyrdom of Adolf Hitler, as well as that of his followers, in 1945, the National Socialist movement entered a new international phase of its development, which succeeded the earlier political and military phases. Numerous attempts were made to meet the challenges of this new reality. Most notable here in North America was the pioneering work of George Lincoln Rockwell in raising the fallen banner of National Socialism in 1959. This was a dramatic move that inspired an equally important event: the formation of the World Union of National Socialists at an historic gathering of leading comrades from various countries in the Cotswolds, England, in 1962. This step gave the Cause of Adolf Hitler a definitive international focus.

When Lincoln Rockwell was martyred in 1967, his faithful lieutenant, Matt Koehl, stepped forward to pick up the torch of leadership in the US and Canada. He was also named as commander of the World Union. At that time, the Movement in North America was operating as the National Socialist White People’s Party. The NSWPP concentrated on spreading the National Socialist message to the broad masses of White Americans, as well as on increasing its material resources and organizational capabilities.

On January 1, 1983, the NEW ORDER replaced the NSWPP as the organizational vehicle for the Movement in North America.

Affiliation is through a program of registered support. Participation in the activities of the NEW ORDER is through personal invitation only. Such invitation is only extended to men and women of Aryan-European race on the basis of acceptable racial and moral credentials, a proven record of effective activity on behalf of the Movement, and a lifetime commitment to our Cause.

The NEW ORDER is not just another group or club that one joins casually for a few months or a few years, but a sworn order which one joins for life. The road to membership in the NEW ORDER is not easy. It begins with a personal decision to devote one’s life and one’s destiny to the sacred Cause of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist struggle for our Race above every other consideration.

                         A New Order – NOW!

“A revolutionary New Order on Earth? Sounds great and I’m all for it. But it’s probably a ways off and I doubt I’ll live to see it. Besides, there’s not much I can do about it anyway.”

If this is what you are thinking, THINK AGAIN!

The New Order need not be something way off in the future. You can experience it as a great transforming reality here and now. You can start to build the New Order of Adolf Hitler in your own life today.

The first step is to sever all emotional ties to the Old Order and all its corruption. The second step lies in embracing the vision and the ideals of the New Order. The third step is to commit yourself to live in accordance with your National Socialist convictions today.

Not only will you experience a personal renewal which gives your life real purpose, meaning and value, but you will discover your identity as a “fragment of the future” – as a worthy part of a noble and superior Race that stretches back into the dim mists of prehistory and forward to an unseen future.

The New Order does indeed represent the future. The remarkable thing is that the future is already firmly rooted in the present – and that you can be part of it. The decision is YOURS.
Our sign is the Swastika (or Aryan Cross), the ancient symbol of our Race. It is
the primordial emblem of the Sun and of the entire cosmic order and life itself.
Since time immemorial, it has connoted the combined concepts of infinity,
eternity, integrity, dynamism, creativity, fertility, good fortune, justice and
rebirth. It is therefore but fitting that Adolf Hitler should have chosen the
Swastika as the sacred emblem to represent his Cause.
An Affiliate of the World Union of National Socialists

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