We are a National Socialist organization that is a revolutionary idea, a spiritual faith and a great historical Movement

"A leader must possess character, will, ability, and luck. If these
four characteristics form a harmonious unity in a brilliant
person, we have a man called by history. Adolf Hitler!
Character is the most significant factor. Knowledge, book
learning, experience, and practice do more harm than good if
they are not based on strong character. Character brings them
to their best expression. It requires courage, endurance, energy,
and consistency. Courage gives a person not only the ability to
recognize what is right, but also to say and do it. Endurance
gives him the ability to pursue the chosen goal, even if
apparently impossible obstacles stand in the way, and to proclaim it even if it is
unpopular, even if it makes him unpopular. Energy mobilizes the strength to risk
everything for the goal and the persistence to keep at it. Consistency gives his eye and
mind the sharpness of knowledge and logic in thought and action that gives truly great
people the ability to reach the eternally wavering masses. These manly virtues together
comprise that which we call character. Character, in short, is style and behavior in the
highest form" ----- Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Hitler Made us Holy Again by Martin Kerr
Faith of the Future by Matt Koehl
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