We are a National Socialist organization that is a revolutionary idea, a spiritual faith and a great historical Movement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of NEW ORDER electronic services, including all our web pages and e-bulletins, to uphold and advance the Cause of Adolf Hitler and his Cause without fear or favor, and to show how unique and special this man and this Cause are. Toward this end, we seek to —

1. INFORM our readers—in an intelligent, credible and presentable manner—about vital contemporary and historical issues as they relate to this Cause;

2. EDUCATE AND EDIFY those already informed, so as to provide greater insight and understanding which—by establishing a common wave-length of shared ideals, values and vision—will lead to personal commitment;

3. UPLIFT, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE those committed with a positive message and outlook; and

4. PROVIDE TEMPLATE MATERIAL, which can be shared online and serve as a useful basis for discussion and conversation among family members, friends, neighbors and associates, in the workplace, the classroom and public forum, as well as around the dinner table, lunch counter or water cooler.

Our electronic services are not intended as a catharsis for personal frustration, or as entertainment or an end in themselves, but rather as a means toward an end. They are provided to encourage those receiving these messages to participate actively in the struggle for a better world and to assist them in this endeavor.