A Brief Note on Tulsi Gabbard

By Martin Kerr

WE SEE THAT MANY RACIAL NATIONALISTS on Gab, Stormfront and elsewhere are reacting with great enthusiasm to Tulsi Gabbard's short video announcing that she is leaving the Democratic party because of its embrace of anti-White ideology and extreme leftwing policies. We agree that Gabbard seems to be the best of a bad lot.


But before everyone jumps on the Tulsi bandwagon, let me point out four things:


(1) To the degree that she is nationalist, she is a civic nationalist, not a racial nationalist.


(2) She is of about 30 percent Samoan and East Asian ancestry. Hence, she is not White or Aryan.


(3) Although she has been critical of specific Israeli policies in the past, she is broadly pro-Zionist.


(4) She is no great friend of the right to keep and bear arms. Although she supports the Second Amendment in theory, her practical support is limited and includes many exceptions.


As desperate as some White Nationalists are for a savior, it is not Tulsi Gabbard. Many a politician can give a good speech to drum up support by telling voters what they want to hear - but it is what they do that really matters.


And, as we have said many times in the past, there is no political solution to the ills that beset our race. We cannot vote ourselves out of the mess that we have gotten ourselves into!


Beyond that, we reject out of hand the notion that the cause of White renewal should be led by a non-White, whether it's Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, Nick Fuentes, or someone else. Really, a basic sense of racial self-respect prohibits such leadership.

Lincoln Rockwell said that the White masses will embrace National Socialism only as the last resort, after everything else has failed them. Civic nationalism - no matter who leads it - is merely a waystation that Whites have to pass through on the journey to National Socialism.

Do not be misled! Accept no substitute. Stay the course, no matter how difficult it may prove!



Martin Kerr is Chief of Staff of the NEW ORDER, the North American affiliate of the World Union of National Socialists.