America: A Racial Mission


By Matt Koehl


America today is wracked by all kinds of crises—racial, social, economic and political. 

This is not the first time in American history, of course, that we have been faced with a crisis situation. The big difference today, however, is that there is a growing inability to respond to the challenge of these crises. 


In the past, Americans have always “gotten by,” with little regard for the consequences of their actions. Life for us—with a huge continent at our disposal—has been ridiculously easy. As a people, we have tended to take things for granted. 

Up until the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, we had never lost a war. The closest thing to military defeat Americans ever suffered was confined to the South over 100 years ago, and the effects of that tragic event were eventually superseded by new considerations. 


As a result, a typically American attitude evolved, which went something like this: “Things may go wrong from time to time, and we may have our ups and downs.  But in the end, everything will always turn out right.”  And all of this as if by magic, with no regard for any cause-effect relationship. 


For an adolescent society, undisturbed by great historical problems and blessed with all the opportunities of a vast continental expanse to be had for the taking, this may have been fine. In the splendid isolation which such a situation provided, Americans could afford to indulge themselves in fanciful illusions without fear of undue harm. 


Today that is no longer possible. All around us, the dream-world of liberal democracy, with its many myths and contradictions, is crumbling. 


Gone is Horatio Alger. Gone is the “happy ending” of a Walt Disney creation. Santa Claus does not come down the chimney. Cold, harsh reality is knocking at the door. 


Disappearance of the Frontier 

In the past, Americans could always escape an unpleasant reality by moving on to the frontier. It was that frontier, in fact, which provided the psychological horizon against which the American character was cast. 


But that frontier is no more. With the last large-scale migrations to California in the ’30s and ’40s, this mighty escape valve is, for all practical purposes, closed. 


And along with the disappearance of the geographical frontier, the traditional happy-go-lucky self-confidence which has characterized our people is also in the process of vanishing. 

For the first time, Americans are losing faith in the values and myths to which they turned in the past in moments of crisis. For the first time they are unsure of the outcome of the dilemma they presently find themselves involved in. 


All of this is symptomatic of yet another crisis, a spiritual crisis of far greater magnitude: a crisis of identity.  The realization that things may not turn out quite right this time is coupled with a growing uncertainty as to what America is all about in the first place. 


This time there is no way we can muddle through the national crises with which we are confronted. To survive will require that we discover who we are, that we acquire a corresponding sense of national purpose, and that we grow up and accept the responsibilities of a mature people.


Who, then, are we? What is America? What should it be? 


Is it just a great big chunk of real estate? Is it merely a form of government? Or is it simply an opportunity to make a fast buck? 

America—the real America—is none of these things. America is first of all a racial idea, a racial expression. 


The standard liberal notion that every featherless creature with two legs in these United States is equal and can therefore qualify as an American is utter nonsense. 


Before the coming of the first Europeans, the concept “America” didn’t even exist—either as a nation or as a geographic term. 


American history did not begin until the first White men set foot on these shores. Our history began as an extension of European—i.e., White, Western or Aryan—history. 


The pre-Columbian aborigines scattered across the North American continent and periodically engaged in tribal warfare certainly did not regard themselves as “Americans” or, for that matter, as members of one common community. 


The settlement of North America by White men from the 17th to the 19th centuries simply represents the latest of those great Aryan migrations which have swept over the Earth from time to time, and which first emanated from our ancient Indo-European homeland around 2,000 B.C. 

A White Man’s Country 

Sparked by the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, similar racial settlements occurred at approximately the same time in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

America, then, is a White man’s country, built by White men. 


It is often objected that the Blacks played a part in the building of America.  Certainly, they did. No one can deny it. 


But their role must be likened unto that of the horse, which pulled the covered wagon, or to that of the mule, which plowed the fields. They, too, helped to build America! 


But none of these creatures were acting of their own free will, but rather under the impetus of the White man who assumed the initiative in the establishment of a civilized order on this continent. And so, to confer citizenship upon the Negro makes about as much sense as giving civil rights to horses and mules. 


The Founding Fathers recognized all of this when they wrote the Constitution and for head-counting purposes in Article I, Section 2, declared the Negro to be precisely 3/5 of a person. 

The fact is that the Blacks became obsolete in our society with the invention of the cotton gin, just as it is a fact that America’s destiny and greatness as a nation is inseparably bound up with the White people who built it. 


If America is sick today, it only means that this essential racial element has itself become afflicted. White Americans have become alienated from their great Aryan heritage, while at the same time they have allowed their society and institutions to fall under alien influence and domination. 


One of the biggest myths foisted on our people has been that of the so-called melting pot. The idea is that “Red and Yellow, Black and White,” we are all supposed to aspire toward that great American goal of a nondescript, mongrel population pleasing to the Jews. 

Fortunately, the interracial mixture which has occurred so far as a result of this poisonous nonsense has been quite marginal. 


And here, considerable confusion has been created. Although most Americans claim “mixed” backgrounds, what they are usually referring to is an inter-ethnic, rather than to an interracial combination. 


From a racial standpoint, it makes a tremendous amount of difference whether a person is of Irish, Norwegian and Polish descent, for example—and therefore Aryan—or whether he is of German and Liberian ancestry, which would make him a mulatto. 

Our Racial Legacy  

Before our people can experience a resurgence, they must first discover their true identity—their Aryan racial identity—which, along with the recognition of a common destiny, will provide the basis for a new solidarity. 


White Americans must gain a realization that they are part of the greatest race ever to walk the face of the Earth—a culture-creating race, which has distinguished itself in every field of human endeavor and which has given the world the discoveries of an Archimedes, a Galileo, a Newton and a Copernicus; the philosophy of a Plato, a Heraclitus and a Nietzsche; the literary masterworks of a Homer, a Shakespeare and a Goethe; the music of a Bach, a Beethoven, a Mozart and a Wagner; the paintings of the Dutch and Flemish masters; the exquisite lines of the Parthenon and the Gothic cathedrals; the sculpture of a Michelangelo and a Rodin; the inventive genius of the Wright brothers and an Edison; the technological achievement of a Goddard and a von Braun; and the navigational feats of an Ericsson, a Columbus, a Magellan, a Cook and a Lindbergh. 

In recognizing its Aryan heritage, America must also see its role as the champion in the modern world of a racial and cultural legacy that reaches back into the remotest prehistoric times in Northern Europe and which embraces the high cultures of Greece and Rome, as well as that of our own contemporary West. 

*    *    *


America, as a nation, is still in the process of being born. It has yet to achieve true nationhood. 

In its inception, America comprised an Anglo-Saxon population which, from a racial, ethnic, cultural and religious standpoint, was highly homogeneous.  It contained all the ingredients necessary for rapid development to nationhood. 


That development, however, was shattered by a bloody Civil War and the emergence of a dominant liberal ethic. Not only was the original ethnic flavor of America modified substantially, but more significantly its Aryan racial character was seriously undermined—with the result that no real semblance of national purpose has ever been able to develop. 

The so-called American dream, which portrays America as one big chunk of real estate or a particular form of government or an opportunity to make a fast buck—with all two-legged creatures equal—is a notion which could only arise in an unformed society. 


It is this liberal-materialistic outlook and the alien Jewish System that it serves which is slowly strangling America and its future. For the existence and destiny of America is inseparably bound up with the White people who built it. If they perish, so does this country. 


Today our race is engaged in a life-and-death struggle for survival on this continent. It is threatened with genocide. The prospect of our people gradually dying out and becoming a subservient minority race by the next century is inevitable unless the current genocidal drift is halted. 


Before the year 2000 we shall be witnesses to the third and greatest event in American history. 


In the 18th century there was the Revolutionary War, that mighty upheaval which laid the foundations for our nation and set the course for Aryan development on this continent. 


In the 19th century there was the cataclysmic Civil War, which tore this country asunder and effectively dislocated American society, leaving unresolved certain basic questions concerning our national identity. 


The great event of the 20th century will be a monumental struggle which will decide once and for all the racial complexion of the North American continent.  With the help of God and a superhuman effort on the part of the best members of our race, we shall reaffirm for all time the Aryan racial character of this nation. 


The New America 


As National Socialists and true patriots, we shall be called upon to play a key role in the struggle for America’s destiny. For it is to this new America, the unborn America of the future—a regeneration White people’s America—to which we pledge our allegiance, and not some misbegotten, bureaucratic monstrosity in Washington or to some liberal-capitalist consumer economy in which all creatures are equal. 


Our Americanism is more substantial than a bit of flag-waving on the Fourth of July, or some other cheap, cornball façade pleasing to the Jews. 


Our patriotism represents a deep love and feeling for our people, as well as a profound concern for the future of our nation.  We are loyal to what America can be. 


And just as National Socialism—in striving to secure the racial foundations of our nation—represents the highest form of patriotism, so it challenges and defies all claim that it is “unpatriotic” or “un-American.” 


America’s future as an Aryan nation is unthinkable without National Socialism.  This country’s historic needs can only be met by National Socialism and its fundamental doctrine of racial idealism.  America’s destiny is inseparable from National Socialism. 


Build a White America 

For it will be the task of National Socialism to assign a definite purpose and mission to our unformed nation, just as it will be the task of our Movement to face squarely the threat to Aryan survival b mobilizing the White people of America into one powerful fighting front, which will stand above all ethnic, religious, regional and occupational differences which separate them. 


Only when we have mobilized our White racial brothers and sisters and regained control of our country can we begin the serious work of building a White America. 

And among the first steps toward this objective must be the removal of the Blacks from our shores and their humane and expeditious return to their original habitat in Africa. 


When all is said and done, the Blacks simply do not and never will fit into our American society, which is—and will remain—essentially a White man’s society. 


Before a program of African repatriation can be undertaken, however, the insidious control and influence of the Jewish power structure, which dominates our national life, will first have to be uprooted and destroyed.  To attempt a removal of the Blacks without first annihilating the alien kosher octopus would foredoom such a program to failure, along with all the other great works vital to the building of a White America. 


A Second Revolution

As we approach the bicentennial of America’s first revolution, we must now prepare for a second American revolution. 


Unlike the first American Revolution, which resulted in the separation of Aryans on this continent into two different countries, the second American Revolution must lead to a union of the White people of the United States and Canada. 


The United States and Canada form one essential racial, cultural and geopolitical unit.  They belong together for their common survival and existence in the world of the future. 


Actually, Canada and the United States would form one nation today, were it not for the fact that one country had a higher percentage of Tories during the Revolutionary War than the other—a fact which has absolutely no relevance for us in the fact of today’s realities. 


Recognizing this, a National Socialist government will one day invite full Canadian participation in a voluntary, organic North American union, which will link the destinies of all Aryans on this continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic. 


Free and united as one great Aryan nation, we shall then be able to provide the leadership and the initiative our race will need to survive in a world in which it is outnumbered seven to one. 


Global, Historic Implications


America’s second great revolution will not only be of consequence for this country and this continent. The entire Western, Aryan world will feel its effects. As the manifestation of a new historical phenomenon, it will create global shock waves.


To understand this phenomenon, the racial crisis in America must be seen as part of a larger crisis confronting the White man. All around the world, the existence of our race and its proud cultural heritage is at stake.


Today the common Western civilization which we Aryans share is in an advanced state of racial decay. Like a cancer, this decadence has spread to every aspect of life – political, social, economic, cultural, religious and moral – and is now threatening the existence of our race itself.


This is not the first time an Aryan people and its civilization have decline and faced extinction. Ancient India, Persia, Greece and Rome all perished after the original culture-creating race which produced these great civilizations lost its vitality and died out.


Yet, as each successive civilization crumbled and fell, all was not lost. A new Aryan people, heathy and uncontaminated, would always emerge to pick up the torch of Indo-European civilization.


The resolution of the historical crisis posed by the collapse of a civilization would invariably come in the form of a fresh wave of Northern barbarians, who with fire and sword would sweep all the corruption and decadence of the dying civilization before them, and lay the foundations for the continuation of Aryan racial life and cultural expansion in the succeeding centuries.


The classical example of this, of course, is ancient Rome. When the original Aryans who created Roman civilization were submerged by other racial elements, causing the famous decline and fall, vigorous and uncontaminated Teutons descended from their Northern homeland to purge the ancient world and lay the foundations for our contemporary Western civilization.


Internal Revolution


Today, unfortunately, there are no primitive Aryan peoples, untouched and uncorrupted by the physical and spiritual rot afflicting our civilization, who might cleanse the modern world in the ancient manner.


The race-saving function which earlier Northern barbarians performed must now be carried out by a completely different process. We cannot rely on such an external agency to preserve culture-creating life on this Earth, because such an agency no longer exists. Our salvation must come instead through an internal process of revolution within the Western world itself.


And here, fortunately, the very nature of Western culture – with its peculiar Faustian dynamism and historical perspective – provides the basis for a racial recovery and resurgence unique in the annals of history.


Through a conscious and determined effort, the best part of our race can – even at this late date – eliminate and displace those decadent, alien elements which now occupy positions of influence and power throughout the Western world and are leading our race and our culture to destruction.


The National Socialist movement, as the embodiment of our race’s will-to-power, has the historic task of mobilizing those healthy and uncontaminated elements which still exist within our civilization and forging them into a revolutionary force capable of resolving the survival crisis confronting Aryan man.


America’s Revolutionary Role


And just as the racial crisis in America is part of a larger crisis, so the coming White revolution on this continent must be seen as part of a larger world revolution. For the destinies of Aryan peoples everywhere are today linked, which means in the long run the American Revolution can only be consolidated by carrying its race-saving message to every corner of the Western world.


No longer is America isolate from world affairs, as it was during the 18th and 19th centuries. What affects us on this continent – for good or ill – affects our racial brothers and sisters around the globe.


Because of the unique power-position it occupies in the world today, America bears a special responsibility to the greater Aryan community. With the White race vastly outnumbered by the colored population of the Earth, our nation can serve not only as a strategic bastion for racial survival, but as a focal point from which a movement of Aryan regeneration and resurgence can spread throughout the world.


The future of our race will, in fact, be determined by what happens here in North America. Aryan survival on this planet will depend on gaining control of this continent.


The America of liberal pipe dreams and make-believe, the America of flashing neon and bargain basements, the America of Rotarian respectability and cowardice, the America of alien Jewish domination, must all make way for a new America – a reborn White people’s America, which as the leader of a resurgent  Aryan world will create the conditions necessary for a  new civilization and a higher level of human development.


This is America’s historic task. This is its great challenge. This is its racial mission.




Source: This essay was originally serialized in WHITE POWER: The Newspaper of White Revolution, January, February and March, 1972 (numbers 23, 24 and 25).