An Election Day Message from the NEW ORDER


WE UNDERSTAND why many – indeed, maybe most – Whites are furious at the Democrats. Over the course of the past six years, the Dems have pursued a course of relentless racial, political, social, cultural, and economic warfare against the White population. And although White males have been their primary target, they have not spared our children, our women, or our elderly.

Truly, the policies of the Democrats towards White people have been thoroughly despicable.

Thus, we know why a huge swath of White voters are inclined to take political revenge against the Democrats by supporting the Republicans in the November 8, 2022, midterm elections.

So, vote for the Republicans if you must – but do so with open eyes, and comprehend that the Republican leadership has no sympathy for the plight of our Race. Although the vast majority of Republican leaders, elected officials, and candidates are biologically White, understand that they feel no sense of racial loyalty at all – zero, nada, zilch. Their only loyalty is to their own pathetic political careers – and to the powers to which they are beholden and which they serve: the Jews.

You may want to vote for this Republican or that Republican because they have made a speech that promises you some small portion of the things you want. But you must realize that that is what politicians do: they promise you what you want in exchange for your vote. And then they betray you at the first opportunity. Remember the 30-foot wall on our southern border that Mexico was going to pay for? Remember the enthusiastic chants of “lock her up?”

Of course, there is one special constituency that the Republicans have no intention of betraying: the Jewish overlords whom they serve.

Yes, vote for the Republicans if you must, but do so with your eyes open. And consider this: by supporting them you are endorsing and validating the system that is murdering our Race, and your vote makes you complicit in whatever crimes or misdeeds they commit if elected.

We have said it before, but we will say it again, over and over until it sinks into the densest skull: there is no political solution to the problems which beset American Whites. At this late date, we cannot vote ourselves out of the mess in which we find ourselves as a people.



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