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Erika Jordan, National Socialist Martyr


By Martin Kerr



NO REVOLUTION is completely bloodless, even those described by historians as “peaceful.” There are always at least some casualties when revolutionaries overthrow the existing order. The National Socialist revolution is Germany was notable for the small number of people who died in its behalf. The number of National Socialists killed in the service of the Movement between 1923 and 1933 totaled several hundred, which is a far cry from the bloodbaths which accompanied the Marxist revolutions in Russia and China, in which millions died.


Many of those NS comrades who died in the service of the Hitler movement were killed by communists or other members of the far-left, while other National Socialists died at the hands of conservatives and the far-right. Well might Horst Wessel (destined for martyrdom himself) write,


Comrades shot down by Red Front and Reaction

March in our ranks in spirit!


The first NS martyr during the Struggle for Power was Dr. Karl Winter, who was murdered by the Reds in Rosenheim, Bavaria, in February 1923. The final martyr of this period was SA Storm Leader (captain) Hans Maikowski. He was ambushed by communists on his way home from the Berlin victory parade celebrating the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor, on January 30, 1933.


As one might expect, most to the NS martyrs – indeed, nearly all of them – were men of military age. But some were mere children, such as 15-year-old Herbert Norkus, brutally stabbed to death by a gang of adult Reds as he pasted up NS election posters in Berlin in January 1932. And a few were women.


One of the female NS martyrs was Erika Jordan, butchered by a Red gang in the streets of Berlin in September 1932. The pretty 17-year-old Erika took a month to die. Three months later, Adolf Hitler was named chancellor, and one of his top priorities was exterminating the Marxist plague which had afflicted his country for decades. All well and good -  but it was too late for the teenager.


Erika Jordan was born on January 10, 1915. As a teen, she joined the League of German Girls (“Bund Deutscher Mädel” or BDM), which was the young women’s division of the Hitler Youth movement. According to contemporary National Socialist publications in Berlin, Jordan was beaten unconscious by communists in the Wilmersdorf district of the city sometime in September 1932, and died in a local hospital on October 26.


Later, during the period of National Socialist government, a BDM leadership school in Berlin was named after her, ensuring that the story of her sacrifice would not be forgotten the Faithful. She is listed as the third female martyr of the NSDAP.


We bow our heads in her memory, and in memory of all of those who gave their lives for their Race and Folk.


* * *


The story of Erika Jordan is certainly poignant, as are those of Horst Wessel, Herbert Norkus and the rest. But what, one might ask, is their relevance to the racial struggle in America in 2023?


The current population of the US is estimated at 334 million. Approximately half of that number is White or Aryan, as we might define it: some 167 million. About half of those are male, or 83.5 million. Probably 60 million or so of this total are men of military age, those who might be expected to play an active role in the struggle for White survival.


So where are they? Why do National Socialist and White Nationalist public activities seldom exceed 20 or 30 participants? It is not true, as some allege, that all 60 million of these men are “brainwashed by the Jews” or are totally without healthy racial instincts. No. Rather what is true is that these White males (one hesitates to characterize them as “men”) are afraid to stand up for their Race. They are afraid of getting punched in the nose at a demonstration, or banned from the neighborhood 4th of July barbeque if they are doxed. And as a worst-case scenario, they are afraid that they may lose their job and be forced to find new employment. So they keep their heads down and their mouths shut. At most, they may participate anonymously on social media, cautiously letting their true feelings on anti-White racism and the like be known. But stand up for their race in public? No way!


American White males need to find their backbone. Being punched in the nose or fired is not the end of the world. Both have happened to me, and, at age 71, I’m still standing.


Adult American White men need to somehow summon as much as courage as that of a 17-year-old German girl or 15-year-old German boy. If they cannot do this, we are doomed as a race. But if they can, somewhere, find the requisite “testicular fortitude” to rise up against their enemies, the world will resound with the thunder of their bootsteps. If.



Thanks to the British Movement Northern Region for calling our attention to the story of Erika Jordan, and for the graphic at the top of this article. See: https://www.britishmovementnorthern.org/latest-news/martyrs-of-the-revolution-erika-jordan/

Thanks also to Billy Roper, for the evocative phrase “testicular fortitude!”