Firearms and Freedom


By Matt Koehl

Since ancient times, freedom in the Aryan sense has always carried with it the right of every freeman to keep and bear arms.  When the American Constitution was drafted, this idea was incorporated by the Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment. 


Today that right is under attack by every liberal agency of our Judaized society.  All the champions of liberal democracy, egged on by organized Jewry, are frantically trying to disarm our people through so-called gun-control legislation. 


And no wonder.  With all the anti-White genocide schemes they have in mind, they are understandably nervous about the prospect of freedom-loving White Americans having ready access to firearms. 


One of the big lies spawned by the liberal-Jewish establishment is that National Socialism stands for dictatorship.  Not only is this a complete perversion of the truth, but it serves as a camouflage for the real designs of liberalism itself.  For liberalism is hardly synonymous with liberty. 


Perhaps the best test of freedom or tyranny is the willingness of a system to allow its citizens to keep and bear arms. 


In a National Socialist America, the government will not have to worry about private citizens having firearms in their possession, because it will have the support of the people, whose will and interests it will serve.



NSWPP Commander Matt Koehl, April 1969





Source: WHITE POWER: The Newspaper of White Revolution, Number 27, May 1972 / JdF 83