News Interview with Matt Koehl,

August 25, 1967



WHEN COMMANDER George Lincoln Rockwell was brutally murdered on August 25, 1967, the leadership of the National Socialist White People’s Party/American Nazi Party immediately devolved to his appointed successor, Matt Koehl. Rockwell was a 20-year veteran of the US Navy and had both fleet and staff experience. Consequently, he structured his party along military (or naval) lines, with a strict hierarchy and chain of command. (1) This allowed for a smooth transfer of power to new leadership upon his death. As soon as the news media learned of Commander Rockwell’s demise, they to shower on the Commander all of the attention and publicity which they had denied him in life – doubtless under the mistaken belief that since he was now dead, he no longer posed a threat to them.The video interview with Matt Koehl (age 32) presented here must have been filmed within an hour or two of the assassination, as you will note that Koehl does not know that John Patler had already been arrested for the murder.


The location of the impromptu news conference was the front porch of the party’s famous “Hatemonger Hill” headquarters on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia. (2) Thanks to our comrades at for rescuing this fascinating video clip from obscurity. We present it here in an unedited form.    


Martin Kerr



(1) In the same manner, Adolf Hitler structured the National Socialist German Worker’s Party on the model of a World War I German infantry regiment: Hitler had been attached as a courier to the headquarters staff of the 16th Reserve Infantry Regiment of the Bavarian army during the war, and was intimately familiar with its structure and operations.


(2) The hill was the site of a Civil War fort, built by the Confederates and later occupied by the Union, It was named Fort Ramsay. Harriet Beecher Stowe claimed that she wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic after watching a military review at the fort. It is indeed an historic location!