Into the rotten and cowardly bourgeois world and into the triumphant march of the Marxist wave of conquest a new power phenomenon was entering, which at the eleventh hour would halt the chariot of doom.

II: 1

At a time when one side, armed with all the weapons of a worldview—a thousand times criminal though it be—sets out to storm an existing order, the other side, now and forever, can offer resistance only if it clads itself in the forms of a new faith. . . and for a feeble, cowardly defense substitutes the battle-cry of courageous and brutal attack.


The lack of a great renewing idea means at all times a limitation of fighting force.  Firm belief in the right to apply even the most brutal weapons is always bound up with the existence of a fanatical faith in the necessity for the victory of revolutionary New Order on this Earth.


. . . We see in the Swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of Aryan man and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work . . .


. . . Every man must know that the new Movement can offer honor and fame in the eyes of posterity, but nothing in the present.


. . . A movement that wants to renew the world must serve, not the moment, but the future.


It can be established here that the greatest and most enduring successes in history tend, for the most part, to be those which in their beginnings found the least understanding because they stood in sharpest conflict with general public opinion, with its ideas and its will.


But our thoughts and actions must in no way be determined by the approval or disapproval of our time, but by the binding obligation to a truth which we have recognized.


We National Socialists, as champions of a new philosophy of life, must never base ourselves on so-called ‘accepted facts’—and false ones at that. If we did, we would not be the champions of a great, new idea, but coolies of the present-day lie.


We National Socialists must never under any circumstances join in the usual hurrah-patriotism of our present bourgeois world.


The future of a movement is conditioned by the fanaticism—yes, the intolerance—with which its supporters uphold it as the sole correct movement, and push it past other formations of a similar sort.


. . . There should be only one movement for one goal.


Here, too, lies a mission for the National Socialist movement.  It must teach our people to look beyond trifles and see the biggest things—not to split up over unimportant things—and never forget that the aim for which we must fight today is the very existence of our people, and the sole enemy which we must strike is and remains the power which is robbing us of this existence.


All the persecutions of the Movement and its individual leaders, all vilifications and slanders, were powerless to harm it.  The correctness of its ideas, the purity of its will, its supporters’ spirit of self-sacrifice, have caused it to issue from all repressions stronger than ever.  If, in the world of our present parliamentary corruption, it becomes more and more aware of the profoundest essence of its struggle, feels itself to be the purest embodiment of the value of race and personality and conducts itself accordingly, it will—with almost mathematical certainty—one day emerge victorious from its struggle.