White Genocide: Myth or Reality?


By Matt Koehl


White people today are not being lined up en masse against a wall and mowed down by their enemies.  But a scheme to achieve the same genocidal result is now in operation. 


The first phase calls for their spiritual, rather than physical, destruction.  It starts with a process of White deracialization, involving the loss of a fundamental sense of identity, of natural race-consciousness, of race pride and social feeling for other members of one’s racial group—in a word, the loss of one’s racial soul. 

While non-Whites are made super-conscious of their racial identity, their heritage, their history, their roots, the White man is brainwashed by every medium and institution of society into believing it is “hate” and “bigotry” and “racism” to think in racial terms and take justifiable pride in the great heritage, the culture, the accomplishments and the traditions of his own race. 


From the columns of a monopoly “free press,” from the federally controlled airwaves and over the tube, from the big news magazines, from pulp paperbacks and textbooks, from the political platform and the pulpit, from Haight Ashbury and Harvard Square comes the same Big Brotherly message:  “Racism is evil.”  “Black pride is good; White pride is bad.”  “The White man is to blame.”  Etc., etc. 


But there’s more.  Our people are told that there is no such thing as an Aryan—that it is all merely the figment of someone’s imagination—and that, in fact, there is no such thing as race, really.  And, of course, if there is no such thing as race, how can there be genocide—the deliberate killing off of a race—let alone genocide against Aryans who, after all, do not exist in the first place?  Right?  The set-up is perfect.  An entire race is consigned to non-existence through the magic of kosher newspeak. 

The whole process of spiritual genocide begins with an attack on the integrity and inner character of our race.  The natural fellow-feeling, which should exist among Aryans, is systematically suppressed. 

While non-Whites and non-Aryans are encouraged to think of themselves as members of a racial community, the White man is taught to think of himself as a mere individual, with no particular link to his racial brothers and sisters.  He may only consider himself a member of a racial group during masochistic exercises in White self-hate and collective guilt. 

Instead of thinking of themselves as upstanding racial comrades, White men and women are to regard themselves as dog-eat-dog individuals in a self-seeking rat race.  And when in consequence they have been consumed by their materialistic greed, they are then to be condemned to eternal damnation for their wanton behavior and held up by their masters as an indictment of our entire race.  Divide et impera.  Our brothers and sisters have fallen into the trap. 


If today there is a social and moral breakdown in the White community, it is as a direct result of this deracialization process.  Millions of young Aryans are allowed to reach adulthood without having been told what it means to be Aryan and what the great history of their race is and what its tremendous potentials are.  The one thing that could provide true meaning, purpose and direction in their lives is neglected and left untaught and unknown.  Instead, these young racial comrades are left to smoke pot, jive to African rhythms, and generally to rot. 

Once this creeping process of spiritual and cultural genocide has done its work, the actual business of physical genocide can proceed by such ill-disguised means as sterilizing healthy young White people, restricting Aryan births by allowing non-White hordes to pour into the country while permitting entry to only a token trickle of high-grade Aryans from Northern Europe, and finally by pollution of the remaining Aryan gene pool through race-mixing. 


The future planned for our race is one of Death.  But we National Socialists have a better idea.  We hold up the banner of Life. 

Our race is not called upon to die, but to live.  Despite all the intrigues for his destruction, Aryan man can not only survive, he can have eternal life—IF he can find himself and overcome the pernicious effects of deracialization, through a great spiritual renewal of his racial soul. 




Source: Originally published under the title “Creeping Genocide,” in WHITE POWER: The Revolutionary Voice of National Socialism, Number 76, July-August 1977 / JdF 88.