Who – or What – Are the Jews?

By James Harting


ADOLF HITLER wrote, “The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew.” *

But what, exactly, do we mean when we say the word “Jews?”

The question has been sincerely asked: “What is the problem, Jews, or the Jewish cult? Are Jews simply people with a horrible religion that makes the things they do seem justified in their minds?”

The root problem of the Jews is the Jews themselves, not whatever theology or ideology they espouse at any given point in history.

The Jews are defined by their racial soul, which in turn helps form their racial personality. This racial soul is encoded in the Semitic DNA of the Jews and cannot be washed away by baptism or other incredible practices. A pure-blooded Jew has a 100% Jewish racial soul; a half-breed (mischling in German and Yiddish) has 50%, a quarter Jew 25% and so on.

In terming the Jews a biological race or ethnicity, it needs to be noted that the Jews of the world are subdivided in several distinct sub-ethnicities. This is because although the Jews have an unmistakable core of Semitic blood, they have become a mongrel folk, who have liberally assimilated the genes of the host populations in the numerous countries in which they have historically resided.

The two main Jewish sub-ethnicities are the Sephardim, sometimes called “Mediterranean Jews,” and the Ashkenazim, or “European Jews.” Additionally, there are various minor Jewish ethnicities, including (but not limited to) the Mizrahim (so-called “Eastern” or “Oriental” Jews), the Romaniote Jews of Greece and the “Mountain Jews” of Azerbaijan and neighboring areas.

Because of the mixture of the original Semitic bloodline with the blood of non-Jews, terming someone a “full-blooded” Jew is only relative. Nonetheless, the Semitic core of the Jews defines who they are racially.

Here is how the Jewish racial personality expresses itself in the modern world:

To repeat myself, then, the fundamental problem with the Jews is the Jews themselves, and not the secondary expressions of their racial personality, be it Judaism, Zionism, Bolshevism, Capitalism or whatever.


* “Den gewaltigsten Gegensatz zum Arier bildet der Jude.” Mein Kampf, s/ 329; (p. 300 in the Manheim translation, p. 553 in the Dalton bilingual parallel text edition)